If there is anything this year has taught me, it’s that even if you have a thousand people beside you, a thousand people before you and a thousand people behind you, a time will come in your life where you will have to walk alone. For months on end, I blamed everyone around me. How […]

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I have always had a sweet tooth. It’s been a habit of mine for the longest time. From putting about eight cubes of sugar in a very small cup of tea or garri, to taking Fanta or Mirinda everyday. If the doughnut isn’t sprinkled with sugar, I will get sugar and sprinkle it myself. It […]


Sometimes, life…

Have you ever just been so sad to the point of helplessness? You are seated smack in the middle of your family, or maybe your closest friends and you are suddenly hit with this agonising ball of sadness. You can’t feel, you can’t talk. You blink and you feel tears threatening to fall and you […]

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I see myself as a self confident woman. A liberated 21st century woman. A woman that is free to make her own decisions. A woman that is free to go wherever she wants to go to, as long as my parents are not around, of course, lol. I am a woman winning in a man’s […]

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Am I happy or not?

Emotions. Am I sad? Am I not? Am I happy? Am I not? Sometimes it’s hard to decipher. Why? Because we make our happiness relative. We attach it to a particular achievement, property or milestone. When I get my car, I would be happy. When I get complete my project, I can finally be happy. […]

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What is Beauty?

So you are sitting in one of the window seats in your favorite restaurant with your friend, about to take a sip from your drink when you look up and see her. This curvaceous Kim Kardashian kind of beautiful, dressed in a short, peplum dress she probably bought from Fashionova. She is tall, thick, you […]

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